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ABS   A Bird Sitting.
AGH   A Grateful Heart.
ANDANC   A New Day. A New Canvas.
ASS2   A Smooth Sea 2.
ASS   A Smooth Sea.
AIAS   Abundance Is A State.
ATS   Accept The Sun.
AAI   Act As If.
ATP   Adopt The Pace.
AGV   Adventure Green Van.
AIAW   Adventure Is A Worthwhile.
ALS   All Life Springs.
AR   All Roads.
AAE   An Animal's Eyes.
AEVLR   An Empty Vessel Leaves Room.
ADM3   Another Day Miracle 3.
ADM   Another Day Miracle.
ADAMC   Another Day. Another Miracle.
AFH   Ask For Help.
A   Ask.
AED2   At End Day 2.
AED   At End Day.
ATEOML   At The End Of My Life.
AL   Autumn Leaves.
ARE   Awaken. Rejoice.
BAL   Balance.
BAM   Be Amazed.
BBAB   Be Bold And Beautiful.
BCS   Be Curious Sunflower.
BE   Be Enchanted.
BILI   Be In Love Ivy.
BR   Be Resilient.
BTBE   Be The Beacon.
BTL   Be The Lamp.
BTSI   Be The Sun In.
BW   Be Worthy.
BYOS   Be Your Own Shade.
BYH   Be Yourself Hangers.
BH   Be. Here.
BTADT   Become The Art Director.
BTA   Become The Art.
BA   Before Assume.
BTO   Begin Today.
B   Begin.
BTBIO   Behold The Beauty In Ordinary.
BTB2   Behold The Beauty.
BTM   Behold The Magic.
BM   Believe Memphis.
BLA   Beneath Layers.
BY   Bills Yet.
BT   Bless Those.
BLO3   Bloom 3.
BLO4   Bloom 4.
BMU   Bloom Mum.
BL   Body Live.
BO   Boring.
BITS   Breathe In The Sweet.
BTB   Bring The Best.
BYOL   Bring Your Own Light.
BRB   Broken Reveals Beauty.
BI   Build It.
CHL   Call Home Let.
CAY   Cast Aside Yesterday.
CGT   Cast Good Thoughts.
CYG   Cast Your Glow.
CYN   Cast Your Net.
CYD   Celebrate Your Differences.
CY   Celebrate Your.
CSH   Change. Start Here.
CYOC   Chart Your Own.
C   Chase.
CTL   Cherish The Little.
CYOCO   Cherish Your Own Company.
CYO   Clear Your Own.
CL   Clinging.
CO   Color Outside.
CYOW   Color Your Own World.
CH   Come Home.
CJ   Come Join.
CTB   Come Together.
CYBHH   Count Your Blessings HH.
CALWNS   Create A Life With No Strings.
CAL   Create A Life.
CB   Crystal Ball.
CC   Cultivate Curiosity.
DDC   Dare Dream Color.
DTDW   Dare To Discover What.
DTDIC   Dare to Dream In Color.
DTELO   Dare To Explore Life Outside.
DTE   Dare To Explore.
DTSB   Dare To See Beauty.
DTSO   Dare To Stand Out.
DTSOUT   Dare To Stand Out.
DWP   Daydream With Purpose.
D   Differences.
DM   Diner's Mug.
DB   Discover Beauty.
DTMID   Discover The Magic In Details.
DWYLF   Do What You Love Feeder.
DTS   Does The Shadow.
DBATO   Don't Be Afraid To Outgrow.
DBA   Don't Be Afraid.
DBBB   Don't Be Blinded By.
DLW   Don't Let World.
DLYP   Don't Let Your Past.
DL2   Don't Look 2.
DPU   Don't Pick Up.
DSF   Don't Settle For.
DOC   Door Open Close.
ED   Each Day.
E   Embrace.
EME   Emerge.
ECYG   Emerge. Claim Your Gifts.
EC   Encourage Courage.
ECR   Endings Can Reveal.
EN   Energetically.
EBB   Envision. Begin. Believe.
EF   Every Flower.
EMT   Every Mount Top.
EG   Everyone Gifted.
EMI   Everything Miracle.
EE   Examine. Experience.
EB   Expect Beauty.
EM2   Expect Miracle 2.
EM   Expect Miracle.
ETM   Expect That Miracle.
ETO   Experience The Other.
FIL   Fall In Love.
FD2   Father's Day 2.
FBW   Fear Builds Walls.
FIAT   Fear Is A Thief.
FIYE   Fear Is Your Ego.
FLLM   Fear Less. Love More.
FWKYT   Fear Will Keep You Tethered.
FAL   FearAndLove.
FYS   Feed Your Soul.
FFA   Finance Faith.
FBID   Find Beauty In Damaged.
FBIM   Find Beauty In Mundane.
FBIR   Find Beauty In Random.
FTBS   Find The Bright Spots.
FT3   Find Tribe 3.
FYF   Find Your Flock.
FYTAGD   Find Your Tribe And Go Do.
FYTC   Find Your Tribe Cats.
FYB   Follow Your Bliss.
FYC   Follow Your Curiosity.
FALI   Forge A Life.
FATM   Forget About The Map.
FG   Forgive Gift.
FF   Friends Flowers.
FMTTY   From My Table To Yours.
GAN   Gain A New.
GRE   Gently Remove.
G   Geography.
GD   Go Deep.
GOAM   Go On And Make.
GTAL   Go To Any Length.
GWTLB   Go Where The Light Beckons.
GYOW   Go Your Own Way.
GP2   God Pause 2.
GP3   God Pause 3.
GP   God Pause.
GMBI   Good Morn Block Island.
GMG   Good Morn Gull.
GMVT   Good Morn VT.
GMW   Good Morn Wickford.
GOD   Good Orderly Direction.
GT   Good Times.
GMVT3   GoodMornVT3.
GW   Great Work.
GWF   Grow With Flow.
GR   Growth Requires.
HBB2   H B Blonde 2.
HBB3   H B Blonde 3.
HBB   H B Blonde.
HBG2   H B Green 2.
HBG   H B Green.
HE   Half Empty.
HIN   Happiness Inside.
H   Happiness.
HBBA2   Happy Birth Balloon 2.
HBBA   Happy Birth Balloon.
HEE2   Happy Easter Eggs 2.
HEE   Happy Easter Eggs.
HEF   Happy Easter Flowers.
HH2   Happy Holidays 2.
HH   Happy Holidays.
HMDT   Happy Mother's Day Tulips.
HMD   Happy Mother's Day.
HNY   Happy New Year.
HVD   Happy Val Day.
HTF   Harvest The Fruit.
HAH   Have A Heart.
HC   Head Clouds.
HYW   Hitch Your Wagon.
HNB   Hold Nothing Back.

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