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AIAW   Adventure Is A Worthwhile.
BAL   Balance.
BBAB   Be Bold And Beautiful.
BTBE   Be The Beacon.
BYOS   Be Your Own Shade.
BYH   Be Yourself Hangers.
BTO   Begin Today.
BTB2   Behold The Beauty.
BTM   Behold The Magic.
BM   Believe Memphis.
BMU   Bloom Mum.
BTB   Bring The Best.
CGT   Cast Good Thoughts.
CYD   Celebrate Your Differences.
CTL   Cherish The Little.
CO   Color Outside.
CAL   Create A Life.
DTDW   Dare To Discover What.
DTSO   Dare To Stand Out.
DBA   Don't Be Afraid.
DPU   Don't Pick Up.
ED   Each Day.
EC   Encourage Courage.
EG   Everyone Gifted.
EM   Expect Miracle.
FF   Friends Flowers.
FMTTY   From My Table To Yours.
GOAM   Go On And Make.
GTAL   Go To Any Length.
GYOW   Go Your Own Way.
GP2   God Pause 2.
GP   God Pause.
GT   Good Times.
GW   Great Work.
GWF   Grow With Flow.
HBG2   H B Green 2.
HEE2   Happy Easter Eggs 2.
HEE   Happy Easter Eggs.
HMD   Happy Mother's Day.
HVD   Happy Val Day.
HAH   Have A Heart.
H2   Hope 2.
IDBILIBIL   I Don't Believe In Luck. I Believe In Love.
INNW   If Not Now When?
IFTS   It Feels The Same.
IYLK   It's Your Life Key.
LWL   Lead With Love.
LTL   Lean Toward Light.
LIM   Less Is More.
LGP   Let Go Pin.
LGR   Let Go Rope.
LGLG   Let Go. Let God.
LL   Linger Longer.
LLO   Linger Longer: Lessons from a Contemplative Life by Carol Mossa
LYD   Live Your Dream.
LGF   Love > Fear.
LNE   Love No Expiration.
MLOC   Make Love Our Currency.
MYO   Mind Your Own.
NDNH   Nature Does Not Hurry.
NAA   Not All Artwork
OTOLI   On The Outside Looking In?
PAR   Pay Attention Red.
PABA   Pay Attention. Be Astonished.
POE   Peace On Earth.
PE   Peace.
PP   Practice Presence.
PUAS   Pull Up A Seat.
RFS   Reach For Simple.
STS   Savor The Season.
SA   Savor.
SYB   Share Your Bounty.
SS   Simple Speaks.
SWI   Sit With It.
SWY   Sometimes When You.
SR   Stop Resisting.
TGNIYG   The Good News Is You Get.
TG   The Growth.
TSIJ   The Sky Is Just.
TSB   The Smallest Bulb.
TINA   There Is Nothing Abstract.
T   Tribe.
TGOD   Trust God.
UTF   Use That Fence.
WLL   Wear Life Like.
WYTC   Wear Your True Colors.
WB   Wedding Best.
WWS   What We See.
WLG   WhenLifeGives.
WII   Write It In.
YAP   You Are Powerful.
YATM   You Are The Miracle.
YWB   You Were Born.
YFLA   Your First Love Affair.
YHAK   Your Heart Already Knows.
YIC   Your Intuition Can.
YLIP   Your Light Is Portable.
YLM   Your Light Matters.
YTR   Your Thoughts Ripple.

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